About Us

A few words about us

Sayed Mahdi Real Estate Agency is one of the oldest real estate companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain that is founded in 1960. Therefore, it has a long career of high experience, and proven credibility, as it includes among them an experienced work team that provides the best real estate and financial solutions. The excellence that we envisaged, and the constant evaluation was our way towards the confidence of investors and owners of large projects, whose aspirations were to reach the maximum investment point, and the amount of money to be achieved. Our mission is to provide the best opportunities and offers that will support the presence of investors, companies, dealers, and competitors in the market, using the most successful mechanisms and means.

Our Mission

Establishing a creative real estate market with international standards that promote to the development and transfer of the traditional local built environment to a modern urban environment of quality, creativity, excellence, and sustainability.

Our Vision

Developing the real estate sector in Bahrain based on an economic and social vision, in accordance with the customs and traditions of the Kingdom.

Our services


Our company provide many of services dedicated to various sectors, including government institutions, private sector, manufacturing facilities, non-profit institutions, and individuals in a distinctive way, especially we are a well-established Bahraini company in real estate sector and is one of the largest accredited companies in integrated valuation services in the Kingdom with pioneering experience and accuracy in presentation.

Real-Estate Brokerage Services

Sayed Mahdi Real Estate Agency Company offers high-quality real estate brokerage services that are specifically tailored to our clients' needs. Under this service, we contract with real estate owners to display their properties for sale to real estate companies and monitor the exact implementation of the terms of the purchase contract, in addition to making a comparison with similar properties that were recently sold in order to determine a competitive price.

Real-Estate Management

Sayed Mahdi Real Estate Agency provide integrated services to owners of real estate owned or leased to companies and institutions. This service includes residential, commercial, and industrial occupancy.
This service includes representing real estate establishments and their owners with official and governmental departments and preparing operational plans for real estate establishments. Also drafting contracts and their attachments and following up their registration and implementation. Additionally, providing an annual budget for maintenance work in addition to carrying out all maintenance work within the facilities purchased by our valued customers, through an integrated, harmonious and disciplined team of craftsmen.

Real-Estate Documents Clearing

Sayed Mahdi Real Estate Agency enables you to complete any transaction of buying or selling land or real estate, with our experience and knowledge of the laws and regulations of sale and purchase, and our full knowledge of real estate market prices, and making sure that the broker or real estate developer is approved and licensed by the state.
And because the decision to buy a property is one of the important decisions that can be made, the necessary precautions must be taken, and before purchasing, you must let us save you the trouble of searching, help you choose the appropriate decision and inform you of all legal matters.